Mar 20, 2012

Sicks,and lockdowns: Pt 1

What a crazy couple of weeks. It started with Sophie having the most awful croup ever, it was so bad I was considering dragging her to the ER. Thankfully with a breathing treatment, cartoons, and a cheese stick she was able to relax enough to sleep. The next day we took her to the ped and she got steroids, which calmed it quick. Night 3 it came back, but no where as bad as the first night, I did not even give her anything for it. This is the 4th or 5th time since September she has been this bad. I am thinking it is time to see an ENT and get her checked out.

I worry because croup is supposed to come with a cold, and happen for 6m-3 yr olds, then taper off. She used to get it about every 6 months, with a cold... but since turning 3 it has gotten worse, it comes on stronger, faster, and with or without a cold. I had the sense to grab my phone and hit record, and it is a good thing I did, because the next morning she was acting like nothing was wrong. Until I played the recording, I don't think the ped took me as serious, until she heard the recording. I mean here was a child bouncing off the walls and I was trying to convince her that 12 hours before was as sick as a dog?

Unfortunately, what stands in my way is that I have never had her seen for croup before. I have a list of conditions in my head I treat at home, croup being right up there on the top of my list. So here is this kid I am saying has been sick monthly since September, but she has been seen exactly one of those times. So now we wait to see if her regular ped thinks she needs to see an ENT and then decide what, if anything the Ear, Nose, Throat doc decides to do.

This is getting long. I will update on the other subjects in later emails.

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