Mar 20, 2012

Pt. 2: Lockdowns

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. There was a triple shooting about 2 miles from here, near one of my kids' school, so as a precaution, 8 area schools were locked down. I had no clue, but a friend posted a link on Facebook, then I started stalking all the news stations. It was pretty scary thinking that my kids were on high alert and I had no way to calm them. I got a text message from the oldest letting me know what was going on, and he was not scared. When the lockdown was lifted (the suspect was never caught, but police determined it was safe) the 2nd oldest texted me that the lockdown was over and he assured me he did not feel scared. About an hour after the youngest school age child got home, he finally opened up.

I felt super sad, he said kids were screaming and hiding under the teacher's desk. He said lunch was milk, cheese stick and a cupcake in the dark. I don't know how much of this is true. I do know that at no time before, during, or after was I notified of the events. I did receive an email and phone call hours later, sometime between the time that the first two kids came home. They did update the facebook page, but I only found that because a friend with kids not even school aged yet posted it. I get that they did not want 100 parents on their doorstep demanding their kids, but I would have loved notice because I would not have normally been tuned into the news stations.

By the time we went to bed I thought we had all put the day of multiple helicopters hovering over us, images of SWAT taking down suspects that turned out to be ruled out as suspects, reports from friends who knew the family of the deceased, reports of drugs, and robbery, and reports of the perp jumping over fences and trying to enter homes. The youngest quit talking of hiding in a dark room and screaming classmates and we all settled into bed. Then, at 5:45am the dog started barking. But not the one or two woofs of a dog walking around outside, or the warning woof of someone knocking on the door, but loud, urgent, incessant barking. My heart started racing as I snuck to the kitchen to find a flashlight. The kids did not see anything and did not know what she was barking at. They did say two other dogs had been barking. I figure it was probably raccoons, but she was nervous to go outside. The 2nd oldest was scared it was the suspect of the nearby shooting. And I was just thankful that the dog decided to alarm us, even if we could not find the source and it probably was a false alarm.

It is likely the victims will not identify the shooter, and that he is long gone, so I am not holding my breath awaiting his capture. Hopefully soon we won't be so on edge.

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