Mar 20, 2012

Happy birthday to us

Matthew and I had our birthdays this month. For his birthday dinner, he wanted Red Lobster. I told him because it was expensive, I was only giving him a tube of chap-stick for his present, and then grinned and gave him a little wink. I made him cupcakes baked in ice cream cones, and then we went to dinner. It was nice, a sweet old lady came up to me to tell me how great my kids behaved at dinner, which is wonderful to hear.

That night, on the way home my mom and dad called to wish him a happy birthday and I overhear him saying to my mom "I only got chap-stick for my birthday, but it is okay grandma, because I really need it, my lips are so dry". My mom said her goodbyes before I could get back on the phone and clear up the misunderstanding.

Matthew loved his cupcakes, had fun with his presents, and got some back from my mom, sister and I. The next day we went to a larger city to go to Toys R Us so he could spend his birthday money. On the way to TRU, he acted like he had enough money to buy the whole store. As soon as he got there, he realized how little he could buy. He quickly decided he did not want the $50 game he had wanted moments before. Something clicked on and he started prioritizing what he wanted. Within a short amount of time he had the top three items he wanted on his list, and had $20 left to spend. He decided he wanted an aluminum water bottle with his name on it, picked that out and was down to $10. Instead of getting the $10 he had just looked at, he decided his sister also needed a water bottle and found one with "Sophia" written on it.

I had some things I needed to do at the mall. I wanted to look at the iPad covers, I was planning on getting accessories since my case just broke, but Bobby said he did NOT want me to use my money on a new case, since that is a "need" not a want. He wanted me to go get myself something I wanted. I honestly could not think of anything I wanted until I went into Kay's to get my rings cleaned and inspected since I was there. While searching for my receipts I realized they were in my big purse, the one I hate because it feels like a diaper bag, and because it is messenger style all my stuff falls out and the flap gets in the way and I just don't like it. But my little purse is too small, and is starting to get holes in it. I complained to Austin that I needed a new purse as we watched by a coach store he suggested we go there. I rolled my eyes and said "no, too expensive" and he said "well, what about Macy's then?" Seriously, what a freaking awesome 15 yr old kid.

So I walk in and it is wall to wall purses and my brain shut. down. It was like over-stimulation station. I walked around a bit more and decided there was NO way I was going to get out of there with something I liked. As I was about to leave I spotted a purse counter and realized THAT is what I needed. I asked her if she could help me pick something and told her what I wanted. Durable, medium sized, cross body design, lots of storage, easy access, and that I was brand retarded. She quickly took me to the fossil purses, and I was in love with the canvas purses, we looked at a couple and then the clouds parted, and the angels sang, and I found MY purse.
Just then... I. was. a. girl. I squealed. Austin rolled his eyes. I had moved in before we even made it to the car. When I slid my iPad in, and it fit, I did a happy dance. He rolled his eyes again. My husband was very happy I got something I liked. My 13 year old said "really mom? ANOTHER purse?" and I glared at him. The one purse I hated from day one, and I don't think I paid more than $12 for either one. My small one lasted for a good 3 years, yet he is acting like I am some purse hoarder. Boy needs to learn when to shut up if he ever plans to have a successful marriage one day.

For my actual birthday, my sweet neighbors took me out for lunch and then we hung out and just chatted for a while. I stayed so long it was too late to start dinner by the time I got home. While I was out, not only did my teens keep the littles well cared for, but they rallied the kids into helping them clean and vacuum my entire house! BEST GIFT EVER!!! If you thought I was excited about the purse, you should have seen me then. Great friends. Great lunch. Great drinks. Great conversation. Great kids. Everything a mom could ever want.

Pt. 2: Lockdowns

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. There was a triple shooting about 2 miles from here, near one of my kids' school, so as a precaution, 8 area schools were locked down. I had no clue, but a friend posted a link on Facebook, then I started stalking all the news stations. It was pretty scary thinking that my kids were on high alert and I had no way to calm them. I got a text message from the oldest letting me know what was going on, and he was not scared. When the lockdown was lifted (the suspect was never caught, but police determined it was safe) the 2nd oldest texted me that the lockdown was over and he assured me he did not feel scared. About an hour after the youngest school age child got home, he finally opened up.

I felt super sad, he said kids were screaming and hiding under the teacher's desk. He said lunch was milk, cheese stick and a cupcake in the dark. I don't know how much of this is true. I do know that at no time before, during, or after was I notified of the events. I did receive an email and phone call hours later, sometime between the time that the first two kids came home. They did update the facebook page, but I only found that because a friend with kids not even school aged yet posted it. I get that they did not want 100 parents on their doorstep demanding their kids, but I would have loved notice because I would not have normally been tuned into the news stations.

By the time we went to bed I thought we had all put the day of multiple helicopters hovering over us, images of SWAT taking down suspects that turned out to be ruled out as suspects, reports from friends who knew the family of the deceased, reports of drugs, and robbery, and reports of the perp jumping over fences and trying to enter homes. The youngest quit talking of hiding in a dark room and screaming classmates and we all settled into bed. Then, at 5:45am the dog started barking. But not the one or two woofs of a dog walking around outside, or the warning woof of someone knocking on the door, but loud, urgent, incessant barking. My heart started racing as I snuck to the kitchen to find a flashlight. The kids did not see anything and did not know what she was barking at. They did say two other dogs had been barking. I figure it was probably raccoons, but she was nervous to go outside. The 2nd oldest was scared it was the suspect of the nearby shooting. And I was just thankful that the dog decided to alarm us, even if we could not find the source and it probably was a false alarm.

It is likely the victims will not identify the shooter, and that he is long gone, so I am not holding my breath awaiting his capture. Hopefully soon we won't be so on edge.

Sicks,and lockdowns: Pt 1

What a crazy couple of weeks. It started with Sophie having the most awful croup ever, it was so bad I was considering dragging her to the ER. Thankfully with a breathing treatment, cartoons, and a cheese stick she was able to relax enough to sleep. The next day we took her to the ped and she got steroids, which calmed it quick. Night 3 it came back, but no where as bad as the first night, I did not even give her anything for it. This is the 4th or 5th time since September she has been this bad. I am thinking it is time to see an ENT and get her checked out.

I worry because croup is supposed to come with a cold, and happen for 6m-3 yr olds, then taper off. She used to get it about every 6 months, with a cold... but since turning 3 it has gotten worse, it comes on stronger, faster, and with or without a cold. I had the sense to grab my phone and hit record, and it is a good thing I did, because the next morning she was acting like nothing was wrong. Until I played the recording, I don't think the ped took me as serious, until she heard the recording. I mean here was a child bouncing off the walls and I was trying to convince her that 12 hours before was as sick as a dog?

Unfortunately, what stands in my way is that I have never had her seen for croup before. I have a list of conditions in my head I treat at home, croup being right up there on the top of my list. So here is this kid I am saying has been sick monthly since September, but she has been seen exactly one of those times. So now we wait to see if her regular ped thinks she needs to see an ENT and then decide what, if anything the Ear, Nose, Throat doc decides to do.

This is getting long. I will update on the other subjects in later emails.