Feb 26, 2012

Adventures in yard work

When we moved into this house 2 years ago, our bushes were so overgrown we could not get cars into the garage. My favorite tool soon because electric hedge clippers. Soon I had a stunning box hedge. I still struggle with the other hedge, because it lacks definition I always am at a loss of how to trim it. Yesterday was stunning weather, the kids and I were all stir crazy, and the teens were driving my crazy glued to electronics.

I decided it was time for some good old fashioned forced vitamin D and fresh air. I had finished about 1/4th of the top of the box hedge when my sunshine turned to clouds and blue skies started dumping hail. I unplugged my electric trimmers and started whacking at it with shears until the rain passed. My sunshine never did come back, but my hedge looks so good (except for the two bald spots, oops!) and we raked, swept, broke down boxes, cleaned the garage, the storage room, then swept them both. Within 2 hours my house was looking so nice again, until we finished and tracked mud all over the stairs. Oops!

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