Jan 9, 2012


Gah, anyone else dealing with the post holidays winter blues? I still have my tree up because it is my first live tree, and I can, but I think it will be going down soon and maybe I can shake this mood. Sheesh, with the kids back in school and Bobby back in Afghanistan, I am finding that the daily grind is really just getting to me lately. I am not one of those overboard decorate the house in November type people, and normally I look forward to January 2nd, but I think I was just overstimulated this year. LOL

So if you had any effect from post holiday blues, what did you do to shake the funk??


Elisa said...

Oddly enough this was me yesterday, too!

Coupons said...

I had the post-holiday blues for the first few days of the year. I'm not really sure what made them go away. Maybe it's just that my memory is getting shorter, so I forgot what I was blue about!