Sep 26, 2011

He has his brothers' comedic timing.

Matthew and Austin both have impeccable timing when it comes to landing the punchline. Matthew's started when he was an infant, by accident, and Austin's started about 4th grade. They really take after their dad in this aspect. Tonight the boys gave us a good laugh. Austin is taking child development to meet girls learn more about kids, and his first big project is to carry around a flour sack baby. True to Austin form, he has dressed up his new little baby in costumes, made it a birth story, and named it.

Meet my "grandbaby" Lucifer. Isn't he a peach? Austin says his back story is that he was born a stillborn and he had to make a deal with the devil to bring him back. His teacher asked if he watched horror movies. He's such a goober. Tonight at dinner, Austin was holding Liam and had Lucy, I will call him, on the counter. Austin goes "Look Liam, it is your new nephew!" and Liam says "NOOO! UH-UH!!" which had us all immediately cracking up. He has never said either of those words, and I will often say "uh-uh" when someone is touching something they are not supposed to. For the rest of the night, we all kept repeating "Noooo! Uh-uh!" This kid is a riot. Not even 9 months old and already he knows the punchline.

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Jess said...

That is adorable. Too funny