Sep 15, 2011

And this is why I had cake for breakfast....

My girl can eat, I know this. At age 3, she's a whopping 26 lbs, and size 18 month pants (2T shirts) so it is easy to assume she eats like a bird, but she can easily match what her 6 year old brother eats. This last week though, she has been in rare form, easily eating seconds or thirds at every meal. Today was no exception, the "I'm huuuuuuuu-ngry" started the moment she rolled out of bed at 6:30am. By 7am she had already had a bowl of cereal, a bagel, and a handful of dried fruit and nuts. At 8am to "I want a snack" chorus started. Every time I turned around "I'm hungry" and "I want a snack!"

Evey time she opened her mouth to whine, I slowly felt my sanity slipping away that I was clawing at to keep a small grasp on. But I pushed on, I knew I had to be productive. First I tried to find my wool shaver, Liam's wool diaper was looking kind of pilly. I searched high and low and could not find it, so I moved on and started soaking some covers in the sink. While searching for the shaver, I gathered some other items I needed for knitting later today when I get a chance. I turned around and Sophie was holding a handful of stitch markers she had taken off with a week before. We had searched high and low, but they never turned up. All we had to do was look on top of my comforter, under the throw at the foot of my bed. Well duh, what an obvious place!

I knew all hell would break loose if I set foot in my kitchen, so by 10am I still had not had breakfast or a second cup of coffee. Even when I removed the cup of water she set on my laptop, I moved it to the kitchen table just so I would not have to hear her flip out if I walked by the fridge. However, now I was at an impasse, if I wanted to put away the stitch markers, I would have to go into the kitchen to put them back in the container. Again, not where I had it, and not where I would look, but unfortunately, there it was. True to form, she started her "I'm hungry" chant, so I figured if I was in for a penny I was in for a pound. I made another cup of coffee, and cut a slice of cake, yes, cake for breakfast. In my defense, I added walnuts to it last night and called it coffee cake, and coffee cake is breakfast cake, right?

I finally think my day is looking back up. Sophie is watching TV next to me, letting me write this. I will feed her an early lunch here in a couple minutes, I am hoping she will take a nap, or at least lay down, while Liam is down for his nap. I am hoping he gets a good nap, I had a hard time getting him down, Sophie would not leave my room as I was laying him in his crib. Scratch this, the garbage truck came to pick up my trash, and now he's crying. I think I need more coffee and cake.

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Loretta said...

Cake is a most excellent breakfast! Sounds like someone is coming up on a growth spurt... usually when they want to eat the entire house it means they're ready to magically grow two inches over night :-p