Aug 29, 2011

The Universe (and Babies) do NOT Hear the Word "Not"

Liam has a bit of a summer cold, with a bit of a wheezy unproductive cough, so I figured a hot shower might do some good and moving some of his phlegm. All went well, until I laid him on my bed, turned to grab a diaper and said to him "do not pee on my bed". I may as well have just given him a formal invitation to whiz on my bed, because sure enough, he crawled forward, and there was a nice big puddle on my sheets.

I forgot rule #1, you manifest what you ask for, and by telling him not to pee on my bed, the universe hear "pee on bed", just like my sweet boy. Ever wonder why when you say "I am not going to throw up, I am not going to throw up" your body hears "time to puke?" The word "not" is just too complicated. Try telling your kids "do not wipe your hands on your pants", do they grab a napkin? No way! The second you say that, their hands go right for their jeans and wipe peanut butter all over their lap. Next time, say "napkin please!" and hand them a napkin. I bet they will spare their pants.

The word "not" goes missing in a lot of things in life (and any negative statement for that reason). Pay your bills, buy groceries and fill your car up with gas, tell yourself "I am so broke" when you have only a couple hundred dollars in the account, and an unexpected expense will come up. Some say "that is so ironic", it is not irony, it is you communicating what you want. Just like you teach others how to treat you, you teach the universe how to treat you.

I use the word "universe" here, but it may mean many things. The creator, God, fate, your body, destiny, etc., it really just depends on your belief of how things work. Really watch your self-speak for a week or so, and see how you manifest your own destiny. Tell a friend "my brother is coming for a visit, he's such a pain in the neck". The day of his visit, you wake up with a stiff neck... wonder why? You told your body to manifest the stress you are feeling over his visit literally.

Back to Liam peeing on my bed. In the end, his action was a positive one, as I was stripping my bed grumbling about them needing washed, I noticed some clean sheets I had folded and laid out at the foot of my bed last week. I had planned on putting clean sheets on my bed, but then never got around to it. This was just another way I was being nudged to do the right thing and be productive.

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