Jun 5, 2011

Decaf, you finally have your place in this world.

This weekend, I had a fabulous time in Portland with the kiddos. We went for a fabulous baby shower, and got to take in the sights while I was there. The one downside, is I could not bring my new lover. His name is Keurig, and he brings a fire to my belly and a glow to my soul. If you have never met Keurig, mi amour, here is a picture:

Seriously. BEST mother's day gift EVER. I tease my husband he got me addicted to coffee to get me to quit harping on him for his cigar addiction. Well dangit, it worked.

While in Portland, I missed my new lover so much. I walked by many Starbucks and City Coffees, which were just teases because it wasn't even 7pm and they were CLOSED! I could make a cup or two in my room, but the taste was not as good as my Tully's or Wolfgang Puck flavors. In a sample pack I got some Chef's Reserve Colombian Decaf and I was thinking "decaf?! Why in the hell would I want THAT?!?" Well, around 10pm I was jonsing for a good cup o joe, I had some convenience store brew on the way home that was just not that lovely, and then got busy with unpacking, kids, and laundry, so when that craving hit I almost cried when I saw how late it was until I spun my little k-cup carousel and saw my petite little k-cup-o-decaf. *swoon*

Not only is it heaven in my mouth, but it shouldn't prevent me from melting into my bed. Ohhhh how I missed my bed. The hotel beds were fantastic, but how wonderful can they be when the baby is co-sleeping and figured he can have around the clock access to the breast he normally does not demand 3 feet away from me in his crib and a 3 year old kicking me.

However, the apple who tried to fill my craving for a doughnut.... while I do give it an A for effort for trying, gets an F for completion.


Catharina said...

In dutch it means "Decent"or "Proper"

Having a lover would not classify as "Keurig" at all!

SumnerRain said...

LOL Funny. I wonder if that is where Keurig got their name for their coffee maker from? Although AMAZING! Fantastic! Or LIFE ALTERING would be a better description of all it's amazing coffee brewing glory!

Catharina said...

Its not a Dutch company, that I know.

Tara said...

HAHA! We were just talking about this and I had no idea you had written a post. Rock on with your lucky 10pm-coffee-drinking self. ;P