May 26, 2011

Flats Challenge: Days 3 and 4

#FlatsChallengeI didn't have time to write an update for yesterday, and really I didn't have much to say. I have been trying a new fold each day, yesterday I did the pad fold, which would be awesome for mamas used to pockets (you could use this fold to stuff a pocket) or to use with the hybrid cover, like a Flip, where flaps are sewn into the front and back of the cover to hold the flap in place. I fold all my diapers into the pad fold when I put them away on my changing table because they fit so nicely in the bin on my table. I stack them standing up on their hem and they look so pretty and clean lined up. I absolutely LOVE my changing table, I made it myself out of items I could re-purpose when I no longer need it. The entire thing was from items purchased at Target, and except for the shelf, the bins and pad are things I would have to buy for the table anyways (maybe not as many bins) but I have twice the storage at half the price and this thing is STURDY.

It rained all day yesterday, and I knew it would because we are not supposed to have sun until Saturday according to the forecast, so I decided to start a cold soak in my camp washer when the boy was laid down, and when he was asleep I quickly did a wash and hung in my bathroom to dry. With the exception of my wipes, by morning everything was dry. To soften the flats up a bit I beat them against my bed before pad folding them and putting them away.

Today I am focusing on the diaper bag fold. Super simple and I can fold them ahead of time and stack them on my changing table and just toss on my babe and go. Changing with flats gets fast now that I am used to it. I also have started trusting the flats more and am no longer needing doublers. Little man's diapers are so trim he's back in 0-3 month pants that never fit over his butt and onsies, which I have ALWAYS hated with cloth diapers because they tend to slide into the leg gussets and wick moisture.

It is overcast, but bright and windy today, the PERFECT day for a line dry, and of course I have barely any diapers to wash! I never thought I would be sad I didn't have enough dirty diapers. I did get some night time trainers for The Princess though, so I at least got to wash those, although I used my machine for that. I have noticed that I cannot get my flats quite as while as the wash machine does. The diapers all come really clean, but I did have some staining on one particularly dirty diaper. However, I am really shocked how clean they get hand-washing, my expectations is that they would all be stained when I hung them up to dry and it just is not the case, they all come beautifully white with just a little Tide and hot water. My routine is: cold soak in the bucket, swirl, and go find something to do. Come back, drain, rinse diapers. Add hot water and 1T of Tide to the bucket. Add diapers. Agitate for a few minutes. Soak some more. Come back, agitate some more, drain and rinse diapers and bucket with shower head. Add more hot water, put the diapers back the in and agitate with my hands. Then I ring them out, shake them good, and hang to dry. For covers, I roll them in a dry clean towel, and then hang to dry.


Elle said...

Love your changing table–how creative!

SumnerRain said...

Thank you Elle! I love those metal shelves, we have them in every closet and in our kitchen. They are much nicer/cheaper at Costco, but they didn't have the short one I needed.