May 24, 2011

Flats Challenge: Day 2


Today was diaper washing day! Using my bucket from Home Depot with a hole poked in the lid, the plunger (with holes drilled into the rubber) I was able to churn my diapers like butter. First in cold water without soap for a couple minutes to rinse them. Then with super hot water with a tablespoon of powdered Tide for 4-5 minutes, then I rinsed the diapers and bucket and ran some more hot water in the bucket, churned for another minute to get out all the soap. Drained, rung out and hung them outside on the line to dry. I did take breaks between these steps as I was trying to get my kindergartener ready for school. He also churned it a few minutes for me. Washing took maybe 10-15 minutes, hanging took a little longer, but maybe another 10-15 minutes. While I was busy washing, Liam was busy making more work for me, because after I changed him and washed the diaper he was in and was hanging my clean diapers, he made me a dirty diaper. I ended up washing a 2nd load because it was so gross I didn't want it sitting there until my next wash day.

Aren't they lovely?!


Yesterday I said I would upload a tutorial on folding a flat. There are many different ways, some easier than others, My favorite is the "origami" fold. I was a little intimidated at first, but what I love about is that you can roll in a preemie prefold, or another flat. All the material is concentrated in the middle of the diaper, so it is trim without much material on the hips. My boy is a heavy wetter, so I will be showing you how to add a soaker, or this could be a night time diaper.

You will need, two flats, a snappi, a waterpoof cover. The flats are folded into squares, you can see the size difference between the Target Flour Sack Towel (bottom) and the birdseye flats The cover is a Thirsties Duo, size 2, in Cool Stripes on the smallest setting.

I have folded the smaller flat into 3rds without unfolding it from the square I had it folded in. Set the soaker aside.

On your primary diaper, locate the part of your square that has four finished edges. Grab the top of the four edges as shown and pull it straight across to the left.

Keep pulling.

See how a triangle appears? Smooth this out and here is where I got lost the first time. Grab your two bottom corners closest to you and you are going to flip the diaper upside down. The long edge will now be facing away from you, and the triangle will be under your new shape.

The square shape on the right, that is your soaker layer.

Lay the diaper you set aside on the right edge and start folding the diaper around it.

You will start seeing your triangle again as you fold your soaker layers towards the center.

When you are done, your diaper will look like this. Lay the baby down on the diaper.

The bottom of the triangle will go between baby's legs. Hold the front of the diaper and grab one of the wings and lay it across the front of the diaper.

If you want to get fancy, you can roll the wing edges inwards towards the baby's bum. They will act sort of like "poop barriers" to keep any messes in the diaper, not on your cover, as well as keep the diaper trim.

You can either tuck the wings under the front of the diaper and put a cover on now, or if you want a more secure fit you can use a snappi.

To put a snappi on bite one set of teeth into one of the wings, then stretch it and bite it into the diaper over the other side of the baby, finally, stretch the shortest piece downward and bite into the front of the diaper.

Slide the cover over the baby and secure, make sure you check around the legs to make sure there are no gaps, or no pieces of diaper sticking out. Poke those pieces in, or tighten the diaper if you need.

Here is a video I found on youtube that showed me how to fold a flat with the origami fold.

Super easy!

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