Apr 5, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday, April 5

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Wow, it has been FOREVER since I tackled, but I did it, I feel wonderful, and I am so proud of the work I did. So join me for a well deserved cup of coffee, and enjoy my mayhem & foolishness.

Today I tackled my master bedroom suite. I have not cleaned my bedroom since Bobby left for Afghanistan, at the end of February! GROSS!! I have however cleaned my bathroom weekly. So yeah, it was horrible. I am sharing a room with my sweet 3 month old, so the room is pretty cramped. I took the before pictures at 2am this morning, because I knew I would not be motivated to tackle the room today if I waited until after I went to bed (I wasn't) so that is why I have day & night shots. It took me about 3 hours to tackle these rooms.


Here is the changing table before & after. I designed this using a chrome shelving unit, baskets, and a changing table pad. I love it, and it all can be re-purposed later when he grows up.


His side of the bed before, and after.


My side of the bed (with a sleeping Liam), before, and after. Somehow I guess I either didn't photograph, or upload the box of cords & miscellaneous crap piled between the shelf and night stand. Now that the co-sleeper is gone, I probably should switch the bookshelf and night stand back. I didn't think of that until just now. I had switched them out before Liam was born so I could have him in the co-sleeper next to my bed, which he hated.


My dresser, before and after.


Liam's crib.


Ah, bliss, here is a full room shot. It feels like a sanctuary once again.

And finally:

The sink portion of my master bedroom. I just recently cleaned the shower and toilet side of the bathroom, so I didn't take before/after pictures of it.

So there you have it. Probably the thing I am most proud of are things you can't see. I dusted the tops of everything, the ceiling fan, the blinds, the back of the TV. I cleaned under every dresser, nightstand, shelf, and under the beds. I vacuumed the top of my bed rails, the mattresses, Liam's sheep skin, in the closet.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I am going to drink a million more cups of coffee, fold diapers, and wait for the chinese I ordered to be delivered while watching a movie with the kids. I earned this. Oh, and no post is complete without a sleeping baby picture. Enjoy!

Sweet baby Liam


Kanesha said...

WOW! You got a whole bunch done. When can you come over? :-)

SumnerRain said...

I needed it so bad, I have been in a major funk. My poor house, we are renting so I have not quite "moved in", even though we have lived here a year and I signed a 1 year lease. I was looking at some forums for Army wives and after a month they had pictures of their put together houses with pictures hung and realized I have NO EXCUSE. Time to get tackling again!!

Deanne said...

What an incredible job! I love the change! Doesn't it feel great to know that all of those things are done? Oh - and by the way, thank you for your family's dedication and service to our country. ♥

Kara at The Chuppies said...

This looks great! I love the way you posted before and after photos right before and after each other! Nice work!

SumnerRain said...

Thank you, every time I walk into my room I love how much space I have now, even though literally every wall is covered. I so need a 6 bedroom house with huge closets, a pantry, a linen closet and a ton of storage.

SumnerRain said...

Thanks! It was so picture heavy I figured the before/after of the same (similar) angle would be easier to visualize. Glad you stopped by!!

Jolene said...

No One Did It Monsters are very popular with children. LOL

Your children are adorable and love your tackle job. Your room looks beautiful.

SumnerRain said...

So true, but have you noticed when you ask if they cleaned their room, or brushed their teeth, or washed their hands, everyone takes credit for doing it, even if they didn't? Hmmmm. Thanks for the compliments, and for stopping by!

Jessica said...

You did a great job organizing. I know that I need to but it is so overwhelming! :( I guess I will just have to set a day and do it! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Glad to be introduced :) I don't see a facebook, twitter or gfc link or I would follow you! Let me know if it is hidden somewhere. Thanks

SumnerRain said...

I never thought of it until you mentioned. I now have a facebook fan site, below my Cast of Characters. Or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mistakes-in-Motherhood/194486710587898?sk=wall


Meaghan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Tackle-it-Tuesday. I am proud of you. My house right now looks terrible and I may have people over today. I am motivated to clean my own room now. I used to share a room with our baby, but we turned the playroom into his bedroom when he was 4 months. Now I share my room with my craft table!

Susie's Homemade said...

Great tackle!!!