Apr 13, 2011

My boy said WHAT?

Matthew cracks me up, he is always saying something that makes me laugh, or just wonder where he comes up with this stuff. Sometimes he will make up fantastic stories, and is just so sincere about them you almost believe them. I have asked a few times if I need to call his teacher to find out if an event he told me really happened, to which he will quickly reply "I tricked you!"

Tonight he came out of his bedroom holding his toy turtle, who had his legs in handcuffs. One side held his front legs, the other shackle held his two back legs together. He says to me "my turtle was arrested. He shot his pet. He's being charged with hunting without a license". Where does he learn this stuff??

This weekend, my fried, who was staying with the kids, texted me that she had three little Matthewisms, as I call them, for me. One was when she was reading him the back of the Lego Batman video game case to him, including the rating, he said "I LOVE cartoon violence". He later told her "You have an awsomer house than us. We only have one ghosts, and you have lots of 'em". Later that same day, he explained to her that Toasted Oats (generic Cheerios) are healthier than Cheerios, because they have more fiber. Much like how he tried to explain to me that the cheese on the nachos I was making was the healthiest part, and when I told him it wasn't he said "I meant the beans, the BEANS are the healthiest part". He did the same with his snack I picked him up for school. His week to bring snack is "Vv" week, so for fun I got Vegetable Thins. The little goober grabs the box, looking at the pictures of vegetables and says "I am reading the label, yup, these look healthy and delicious." Then he pauses and says "What?!? No broccoli? But broccoli is the healthiest!! We need to take these back and get some that say 'Now, with broccoli!' because I would like those the best."

I could go on and on, like when he cried because his brother said he may need braces when he is 13 (he was 5 at the time) and cried because he would need braces soon, 8 years was just not that long at all. Or when the last tooth he was lost started wiggling and he cried because he didn't want to lose that tooth, it was his favorite tooth, and he tastes with that particular tooth. These are not the first two times we have had Matthewisms related to teeth, case and point see: "The butterfly will bite me!" and "Here fishy, fishy"

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Diana said...

SO FUNNY! I think he and Stuart would get along great - same crazy imaginations!