Apr 12, 2011

Liam Update

We got home yesterday afternoon, it was so nice to be home, and I am so thankful to friends for watching my other children overnight and during the day, bringing food, sending me texts and Facebook messages of well wishes and prayers.

While we were being discharged, Liam's final labwork came back confirming that it was not RSV, not Pertussis and most likely pneumonia. They also told me pneumonia is normally caught at the second x-ray, so not to be confused or upset that his first one was clear. My nurses were wonderful those 2 1/2 days, they were very attentive to Liam and I, making sure I took care of myself and reminded me to eat and drink and get sleep when I could. On that last day, little man was so feisty, he removed half of his nasal cannula (it was turned off, but there just in case he needed it) so they went ahead and unhooked it instead of re-taping it. He ripped out his breathing monitor, so they removed it too. He got the hint and started working on pulling off his IV sock, but unfortunately that stayed in place until discharge, along with the O2 sensor on his toe that he kept trying to wiggle off.

He came home with antibiotics, and a cream to treat a rash from those antibiotics, as well as instructions to use his breathing treatments every 6 hours as needed. I learned the "blow by", where I point the spray near his mouth, is a LOT less stressful than the mask, which delivers more medicine, but causes him to panic and cry. The RTs (Respiratory Therapists), and Pediatricians agreed the extra dose of medicine is just not worth the cost of panic and confusion.

Last night was amazing, I missed my bed. A fold down chair in a hospital with nurses and RT's coming and going, monitors beeping, and lights shining through the curtain is just no match to a Sleep Number bed in a dark room with no noises. Liam's soft snores were comforting last night, I could hear the constant reminder that he was breathing rhythmically and easily. Liam went from waking every 3 hours to nurse at the hospital, to sleeping 9 long glorious hours at once. It was the little things that I enjoyed the most when we got home. Being able to hold my baby without cords and tubes. Of course having all 5 of my babies together. Being able to nurse my baby any where I wanted, and not be tied to a chair next to his bed. Coffee prepared the way I like it, when I want it, and as much as I want. And most of all knowing how having us home helps ease the worry and stress my kids and husband were going through, not being able to see Liam's progress, like I was.

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