Apr 9, 2011

Good thoughts needed

Writing this on my cell phone at the hospital. The tough day yesterday got worse. At 10pm I gave Liam his albuterol and he was fussy and sweaty, then I noticed his right eye wander up and back and his left eye off to the side. His face turned blue and his muscle tone turned limp. I called 911 and the fire department responded. His oxygen was low so we had him transported to the ER and they admitted him. He's stable now, but he is on lots of drugs and oxygen. They have not diagnosed anything, but pneumonia has been suggested. Please keep my sweetie in your prayers, he gave his family quite the scare.

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Diana said...

Oh goodness, I just read this - my prayers are indeed for you and your family - I know things have settled down a bit since then, but goodness, you must be exhausted and so worried... it's so hard when our little ones have trouble breathing! Good luck, and keep us updated!