Apr 15, 2011

Daddy's girl

Yesterday, Liam had his second follow-up appointment. When the nurse called us back, she directed us to go into the second room on the right, Sophie enthusiastically took off running, as she's used to us being seen at the end of the hall, not in the first exam room. Right then, one of the newer pediatricians stepped out into the hallway and saw my little blonde pixie running at him full speed. As a joke he crouched down and spread his arms open. Insert slow motion running and sappy music. I fully expected her to turn around, so the nurse and I just paused to watch how she would react.

To all of our surprise, she kept running and then flung herself into his arms, holding onto him tightly. He picked her up and hugged her and started walking towards us with Sophie still in his arms. He told me he was pretty surprised how social she is, he expected her to be somewhat shy. I explained that she was really missing her daddy right now, so she's a bit more affable right now. I think this statement made the doctor a little heartbroken, he has three little girls himself and could not imagine having to be away from them. To all the daddies (and mommies) out there, missing their sons and daughters, you have my complete sympathy. Especially to our troops, who not only risk their safety for our freedom, but miss out on time with their loved ones.

Oh, and Liam got a clean bill of health. She told me to take him off the albuterol, but to finish the antibiotics. His lungs sound fantastic, and she didn't think a follow up with neurology or pulmonology is necessary. She did say he is at a slighter risk of developing asthma when he's older, but given his family history, that comes to no surprise. We will just watch and wait and when another round of illness comes rolling through, you can guarantee I will be watching him like a hawk.

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