Apr 8, 2011

Crazy long day

My younger 3 kids have been sick lately. It started last Monday when Matthew came home from kindergarten and just looked tired. He went and climbed into his bed and fell asleep, taking a 3 hour nap. Tuesday-Thursday I kept him home from school with a pretty loud, wet cough. Then Sophie was the next to come down with it, earlier this week she threw up a couple times. Then I mentioned her 104 fever and sudden arm and leg spasms in an earlier blog post. She's still feverish, but when I control the fever, she acts better. A few days ago, Liam, my 3 month old, started coughing a little bit. I watched him closely, but he seemed to be on the mend.

Well, today Liam just seemed *off*, he also looked flushed and felt warm to the touch. I took his temperature (100 by tympanic or ear, 101 rectally). I decided to call his ped after they opened back up from lunch to see if they could maybe squeeze him in with the nurse practitioner before the weekend, as my ped is normally slammed on Fridays because Thursday is her day off. I was in luck and they had an opening at 2:30. The nurse weighed him, 15lbs fully clothed in a cloth diaper, and then his ped came in and checked his breath sounds. She was perplexed because you could hear him wheezing, but his lungs sounded fine. His ears were a little watery, but she wasn't worried about that. She just didn't like his lungs though. He started coughing and getting worked up from her checking his ears and was breathing heavier so she listened again, and this time could hear crackling. She said if this was Sophie (I LOVE her, she remembered his siblings names either from checking in his chart before she came in the room, or just from knowing us), she would be fine with just pushing fluids and treating the fever, but because Liam is so young she wanted chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia.

We drove down to the block to the imaging place, and they put him in this mid-evil baby eating contraption called a pigg-o-stat. Basically it is a bicycle seat inside a lazy susan, and then these two clear petals swallow the baby, like a venus fly trap while the baby's hands are forced above his head. Let me tell you what, if you want to take your baby from sleeping, to screaming bloody murder in 2.3 seconds flat, the pigg-o-stat is the way to go. They like them crying though, it gives them a better picture if the lungs are expanded, however the poor sweet boy was so pooped, he had actually fallen asleep.

(Image courtesy of http://www.pnwx.com/Accessories/PatAsst/Restraints/)

After radiology we headed back to the pediatrician to find out the results of his imaging and she said it wasn't pneumonia, however she said his lungs looked like those of an asthmatic. His oxygen saturation was 90 and she likes it to be 94 or above so she gave him an albuteral breathing treatment. His ox sat only raised to 92, so she gave him another half a treatment and talked to me about admitting him to the hospital overnight for observation. After the second treatment it went up to 93, he coughed and it went up to 94. She gave me the option of sticking around a bit longer and if he was still doing okay she would send us home with the understanding that if anything changes, I call them... even if it is just my mommy senses tingling.

After she left the room he started doing this fast labored breathing, followed by him holding his breath, and grunting, and then rapid breathing again. This went on for a couple minutes, I almost thought maybe he was just tying to pass gas, but nothing changed so I poked my head out and called for the nurse, who called the doctor in again. She checked his ox-sat and it was still at 94, so she asked me to nurse him and watch him a bit longer. Nursing calmed him, so she called in a scirpt for albuteral and dispatched the home healthcare company to deliver him a nebulizer. Tomorrow morning he will be seen at 8:30am to see how he's doing.

I did see a funny sign at the coffee shop at the radiology building:

Yes please, can you make mine a double??

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