Apr 6, 2011

Bad tooth fairy

IMG_0934 Writing this while watching Calliou with a puny toddler, her 104 fever dropped down to 100, and her arm/leg spasms calmed by around 3AM last night with the help of Ibuprofin. She's still got a nasty little cough. I was able to fall asleep at 4. Around 6AM she woke up screaming again and asked to sleep in my bed, which is unusual for her. She has always loved her own bed, even as a baby. At 7:30 I awake to the sound of crying again, but this time from my 6 year old. It took me a moment to register what he was saying, but when he got his words out, my heart sank; I had forgotten to retrieve the tooth he lost and replace it with a dollar.


Through his tears he created fantastic stories of what could have happened. "Maybe she forgot her cat away, and the cat scared her?" "Maybe she is sick?" I offered. That was rejected. Then as if he was not sufficiently traumatized, wailing part two ensues. I guess he was playing with the tooth on the floor and it fell down the vent. Now he was facing another possibility.. not only did the tooth fairy forget him, but now she was never going to come! He decided that maybe if he wrote a not and put it under his pillow, he could get back into her good graces. The note read "I m srrye, I lost my tooth". Thankfully his brother helped him dig it out. However I still had to figure out what to do. To buy some time to think up a convincing lie decent plan, I sent him off to the shower. Since he has a bunk bed, I put a dollar under a pillow in his top bunk. Silly mama, how dare I assume he didn't overturn every pillow. He saw through my deception immediately.

We settled on a story that maybe the tooth fairy was just running late, his brother convinced him that maybe a lot of children in china has lost their teeth. After all that, the little turkey wanted me to put his crisp new dollar I picked out just for him, into his checking account. Love that boy!

Next time he loses a tooth, I am insisting he hangs his sister's "Welcome Tooth Fairy" pillow on his door knob, as a reminder for her not to fly on by.


Lindsey said...

Oh, gosh! As if you didn't already have enough on your plate, how DARE he yank out a tooth in the middle of it all? lol

I forgot about the tooth fairy game once, when we had returned from a day trip late at night and we were all so exhausted that we collapsed into a deep slumber at the end of the day. My excuse? Perhaps the tooth fairy didn't know to come to our house, since the tooth fell out over 100 miles away. She showed up the next night, for sure!

Diana said...

Awww, how sweet that he tried to find excuses for her! He's a cutie, as are all your children... glad I found your blog, adding you to my RSS!