Feb 3, 2011

I know they are from outerspace, but which planet....?

I have the oddest children ever. Not only do my youngins like vegetables... but these crazy kids love... the dentist! Seriously. You can stop laughing now, or doubting me, or saying "yeah, right" to yourselves. They seriously do.

ross kids2

The little two started seeing a new dentist this week. Our old insurance didn't cover any pediatric dentists in the area, so we were all going to a general practice dentist. With the new year, we got a new insurance carrier, and with that a new pediatric dentist. Normally, the dentist, who is also a orthodontist, will only see new patients before they are teenagers, but because my 13 year old needs braces, and because my little two are being seen there, the dentist decided to see Christopher to go over a treatment plan for braces. Christopher could not be happier or more excited to get braces. Obviously he's not the one paying for them. LOL I wonder if it is a right of passage for middle-schoolers to have metal glued onto their teeth?

Sophia seems to have found her life's calling. She had so much fun flitting around the open bay of the dentist's office harassing all the hygienists. She made sure everyone was graced with her presence and tried out every single chair she could find. She tested the air hoses, adjusted the exam lights, and inspected Dr. Andy's work. They even gave her a small oral mirror so she could do oral exams on her brothers.
my kids 1
As you can see, Matthew's fangs were in perfect condition this visit.

The only problem is, Sophia has been in the office twice, yet she still has not had a turn at seeing the dentist! Her appointment isn't until next week. She could not be more excited. I completely understand where she gets it from, it was two years ago, when Matthew was just a little older, that he cried because he was disappointed we had gone to the aquarium instead of the dentist. I can completely understand who she gets her excitement about the dentist from.... but what planet do they come from?

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