Jan 31, 2011

Senior Insurance

A friend asked me the other day about Financial Peace University, the class Bobby and I took designed by Dave Ramsey. We learned a lot information, made a lot of changes, upped his live insurance, and got term life (not whole life, NEVER whole life) on me. It was pretty easy, but we are both young, and don't smoke. What about those who are older though and looking for a senior life insurance policy?

But what about the senior who just doesn't want to leave their family with burial costs? There is always the option of pricing final expense insurance rates, which would cover the cost of burial expenses alone. I imagine a policy like this would be good for the person who doesn't want to pay for a full policy, has no joint debt, or is lacking assets and does not want their family to have to pay for their final expenses.

With so many great life insurance options, it does not make sense why so many families are left with a massive debt to cover the cost of burying their parent, or grandparent. Losing a loved one is difficult enough without having to leave your loved ones in debt.

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