Jan 31, 2011


Hand me my scarlet letter now, I am cheating on my beloved. I would like to be polyamorous, I love them both, but since my first love found about my new love, she's been pushing me away. I think we have changed, and grown apart a bit.... but what I hate to admit, is that my first love actually pushed me into the arms of my new love. I don't think I could give either up, but I would gladly cut back on my new love if my first love would take me back.

Oh sleep, why do you reject me so? I miss you. I want to fly back into your arms and feel your warm embrace. Coffee is just a fling, a mistress, she doesn't make me feel as good as you do. She's only meeting a need you have been denying me lately. Please take me back. I will try to be faithful. You are my one true love.

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