Jul 30, 2010

Sometimes I hate dreaming

For the last three nights I have been having dreams where I wake up angry at my husband. In my dreams he has been cheating, lying, smoking, and abusing my kids and I. When I wake up I have been retaining those feelings which I have to work at to let go because he is just the opposite of how he is when he's his dream self. Thankfully he's not here when I am working out my issues and by the time I talk to him the dreams are just a faded memory of a dream. And no, I am not mad at hubby for anything in reality.

The part that bothers me the most about these dreams though is not what is in them, but what isn't. Despite being almost half way through my pregnancy... I have yet to have a single dream about my baby. I am thankful how active this little one is because I would have a hard time believing there was really a person there. I cannot picture what my life will be like when this little gift arrives. I wish I could just start getting used to the idea in my dreams, so that it would spread into my daydreams.

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