Jul 6, 2010

Little house in the big woods.

It is 6:45 and I have been up in a quiet house for 2 hours now. It was super hot last night so we opened at window, and some baby birdies outside my window decided I needed to be up before 5am. I shut the window, but the damage was done so I got up and showered, played around on Facebook, chatted with some friends, and did some laundry.

We are over on the other side of the state right now, we drove over for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary at my parent's cabin in Idaho. We came back into town to see friends, and will go back on the weekend for a family reunion before returning home early next week. We packed for the 90 degree Eastern WA weather, and ended up freezing our butts off in the cold Idaho-in-the-woods weather.

It is nice being in the same state as my sister and parents. It was even nicer that my other sister could come over from Montana and we could spend the weekends together. When we go home, I know we will all be sad, but it is nice to know we are only 300 miles from "home".

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