Feb 16, 2010

Just updating a bit

It's been about 18 days since Bobby got home and it is unbelievable to me that it wasn't just yesterday. These last few weeks have been a blur of activity, and I feel like I have not even had time to exhale, yet alone process. He's spending a lot of time working at home, and my routine of taking kids to and from school, cleaning, and going to appointments has resumed. But the craziest thing of this is that we are *still* in limbo. We still do not have authorization to move! Yes, here we are at 16 days past the day I planned to be gone, and we don't even know when and where we are going.

I cope by knitting another row onto an afghan I have been working on for two years. I listen to Bob Marley and remind myself that "every little thing, gonna be alright", I drink tea and sometimes wine, and take walks and watch documentaries on Netflix. But no matter how much I distract myself, I am still frustrated that we still don't have the information we thought we would have at the end of December; and every other Wednesday I am thankful that he still has a paycheck, and insurance, and a job, even if he is at home driving me nuts.

I used to romanticize the idea of working from home, but if anything, the last couple weeks has taught me that working from home is the equivalent at working in prison, with between one to five noisy cellmates hanging off of you like a bunch of baby orangutans. I sometimes wonder if he volunteers to go to the store in the evenings just to get away from it all, and even then he usually has to drag along a few primates with him. I really respect that he hasn't gone all "Here's Johnny!" on us and redrum-ed the kids and I.

So whenever I complain to myself that I am tired, frustrated, or frazzled (the trifecta of mommy-hood) I just remind myself that not only is he dealing with the same triple-punch, but on top of that has deadlines and reports and real-actual-get-paid-for-work that he has to complete without a nice, quiet space to run off to. Sometimes the silver lining is obvious, sometimes you have to dig deep to find it, but know that it is always there.

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Tabitha said...

Hey Yall,

I have been reading your blog off and on, and I have an idea.... Call me crazy, but this blog reminds me of a book/journal I read that was written by a normal woman in the early 1800's in England. There are very few first hand accounts of what life was like for the average "Goode Woman" during that time period. That is what made her writing so valuable, as she recorded 365 days of her life, from celebrations, to church, to raising kids, to the local government, etc. I wonder if you would be interested in doing something like that for "posterity"?

Anyway, Bobby, Back on Your Head!