Jan 5, 2010

Oh my aching nerves!

My stomach is a bundle of nerves, I feel like I could puke at any minute. I really do think stress is getting the best of me.

We thought today would be the day we knew where we were going, but that information didn't come. We have roughly 3 1/2 weeks now until he is supposed to be home and we are supposed to be moving. I feel like I am wasting the last few weeks I have in Colorado, instead of preparing to move. I feel like I am being wasteful of my husband's homecoming, because I will still have so much to do.

I did get his car battery replaced though, but not after paying $46 to cover the test at the dealership. Thankfully it was less than the $90 I expected. I ended up not asking the auto part store for the money to cover the bill, it just didn't seem worth the fight, I am already dealing with enough. It was just so nice to have a car that starts without having to jump it that I just decided to let it go.


Michelle said...

Next time instead of spending money see if western auto (I think I remember one being there) does free testing. Some auto places do free testing and can solve the issue for free :) I would have insisted!

Heather said...

I did take it to a free place first. The first one could not test because I could not start the car, the second place (where I got the battery) insisted it was my alternator and asked me to get it fixed and bring it back.... but they were wrong, it was their battery that was the problem. FYI Auto Zone & Advanced Automotive also do free tests.

Babs Modern said...

Heather, I found your blog through a FB friend in WA. Read your positive thoughts post today.

I know how you feel. I feel a lot of stress not knowing where I'm going to be living, finding homes, selling homes, finding homes that will accept our one little dog, and I don't even have children at home anymore. Just living in limbo alone stressed me out even without all of those other issues!

Best of luck to you, and as a born and raised Washingtonian, enjoy living there! I miss it.

Babs Modern said...

I meant "stresses" me out. The limbo continues. (<:

SumnerRain said...

We ended up letting go of the idea of selling, just because we have so much negative equity, when I did that I found a rental agent that I just love.

Craig's list is surprisingly the VERY best resource to find rentals. You can also specify dog friendly, most places that accept dogs, like little ones under 25 lbs. (I have two huge BEASTIES who are 80 and 100 lbs).

I also grew up in Washington, except on the dry side ;) in Spokane, so I think that is another reason why I am so anxious to get some finality on us moving there, not to mention, living near Terri, YAY!!

Keep positive, I just know we will both get our answers soon! This will all be a distant memory and we can look back and say "wow, I am strong!!" We are strong!!

Babs Modern said...


I just found your response email notice in my Spam folder!

I am originally from Wenatchee Valley so I'm from east of the mountains too! I moved to the Puget Sound when I was 21 and lived there until 6.5 years ago. My husband was offered a job in Spokane recently and we seriously considered it, but there were things about the job itself he wasn't crazy about so we decided to stay put for awhile longer. I sure was feeling a longing for eastern WA, though, once I started visualizing it! I could almost feel the summer warmth on my skin, see clouds in the blue skies, and hear the ch-ch-ch-ch of sprinklers!

If we have to pay a Realtor commission to sell, we may end up in the red on this home purchase too, but I worry about my property being trashed if I rent, especially if I am not the one keeping an eye on it. I guess finding a good rental agent is key. Frankly, I haven't found a "good" much of anything in Alaska yet, not when it comes to quality service for the buck, so I'm probably more paranoid because of it.

It will be way cool for you to be back in your own homeland and near your bud, Terri. (<:

SumnerRain said...

That is funny Babs, my husband is from Wenatchee, he grew up in E. Wenatchee, he still has a few family members there. But really, if we do get Ft. Lewis, it is Spokane Valley & Nine Mile (as well as Priest Lake, ID) where we will be spending our time. Normally I take off for a month with the kids and we drive up N., I am hoping this year we can still be there as long, but in smaller trips.

I know what you mean about a good Rental Agent being key, the house next door spooked me from considering renting because they moved in the neighbors from hell (NFH), I have just a small portion of what they have done in my blog, it was insane. The new neighbors are better, but they still leave their pit bulls outside to bark all the time, and my son thinks they breed them and the one is pregnant, so that will be interesting... BUT I can deal with that because I don't fear the possibility of a drive by or other drug retaliation like I did with the last renters.

I could not believe how simple it was to find someone good, I just emailed my old realtor and asked her who she trusted and she told me who she trusted so much she was USING.