Oct 20, 2009

The Grapes of Wrath

My darling daughter has a dark side. She is absolutely addicted to grapes. There is no other food on this earth that makes me as happy as grapes, and no other food that makes her scream more. She signs "more grapes" all day long. She will let out the loudest, shrillest squawk every time she sees grapes. We can be in the grocery store, at home, in a restaurant, it does not matter. She absolutely flipped her top over fake grapes the other day, even after the discovered they were rubber, she *still* cried for them.

Today I made her a sandwich, and gave her some grapes on the side (I have to restrict them to one time a day now), and she gobbled down the grapes and then screamed for more, completely ignoring her sandwich, her milk, her cheese and even a blueberry muffin. We cannot even say the word without her getting upset if they don't appear on her tray. We have been reduced to spelling the word when she is in earshot.

The other day I was making a grocery list, after my 4 year old hijacked the list and wrote "candy" on it (with spelling help from his brother), and then asked him "Austin, how do you spell fried chicken?", I asked Sophie if there was anything she wished to add to the list and she signed "more grapes". Months earlier I had taken her to Costco and she starts wigging out saying the word more repeatedly and signing more. I finally saw on the other side of the room was a box of grapes.

I do hope this phase comes to an end soon, or she potty trains soon. Grapes are not digested fully and are not fun at diaper changes. I am sure you can get your own mental image without me painting a picture, so I will leave it at that. Luckily, grapes have been on sale, and all the kids enjoy them, but man I wish she would mix it up a bit and find a few different foods to love.

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