Oct 23, 2009

Give, and you will receive.

I need to write this to clear away the black rain cloud that drifted in and tried to take over my good mood, especially since what brought me down was well intentioned and nothing worth fussing over.

Tonight at the grocery store, I got a reminder of something that happened to us years back and the funny little "coincidences" that remind you how life is just a series of circles in a great big circle. About eleven years ago, we were at the Post Exchange buying some necessities when the total came up to more than what we had. The cashier told us not to worry about it and she would cover the difference as we were spending the very last of our money. We were 11 cents short and joked for the rest of our lives we would carry 11 cents. Eleven years ago, eleven cents.

Tonight I decided to make breakfast for dinner, but when we pulled out the ingredients we found we only had 3 eggs, so I took off to the grocery store to get some eggs. When I got in line, there was a woman two people in front of me, and she looked upset and the cashier was ignoring her as best as she could by talking to one of the people in front of me. With a sad look she said "I guess I will have to figure out what I can live without", so I leaned over and I said "how much are you short ma'am?" and she said "eleven cents, can you believe I don't have any dimes or pennies?" I always try to keep at least one of every coin in my wallet, so I did not hesitate to pass up my last penny and dime, I knew I would eventually replace it. She was very grateful and I was happy to have finally had a chance to pay forward my 11 cent debt with the world...lol My eggs, which were $1.89 each, somehow rang up to $2.78 and when the change was spit out, I got back TWO dimes and TWO pennies. Even though it was just my own change, it was a neat little reminder that every thing you put into this life will be returned to you in duplicate, good or bad. And sometimes, you get what someday you will give back.


Jenn said...

That's an awesome story... crazy how the amount was exactly the same. Glad you finally got to pay forward your "debt" and make a huge difference in her life, I'm sure.

Dorothy Rimson said...

Really Mind-Blowing. Really happy for you....