Sep 17, 2009

Moving, Moving, and More Moving

Wow, feels like my entire life revolves around moving. From the bids I am getting for our deck, bathroom outlet switch and cupboard door.... to the storage unit I rented today to move stuff out of the house that we won't need until Virginia, to the most awesome news of all..... IT IS SEPTEMBER!!! Which means the neighbors from hell are MOVING!!! YAY!!! They have been slowly moving stuff out for weeks, I am sure the homeowner would love that they are parking on his lawn to haul stuff out in true NFH form. Their garage is packed full with identical electronic boxes.... I guess no one can have enough DVD players and stereo receivers... right??

Today, the contractor that came by was giving me tips on maximizing my value and he said "your biggest downfall is going to be the tricked-out-hoopty next door. People are not going to want to live next to people who look like they live in the hood"... wow, he can peg them just by their cars... niiiice.

Monday, our realtor is stopping by and I am so excited to finally get some answers to the big questions... like how much can we get out of this house for, what do I need to do to make it marketable, and should we turn the nursery/office into a nursery, or an office? LOTS of work until Monday, there will be no rest this weekend!

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