Sep 17, 2009

A letter from my dad to Matthew

Dear Max,
This is what happens when you have big brothers! Don't listen to them, they are evil. Remember this, they do not have any money for ice cream, if they did they would already have spent it. Even if they cross their heart and hope to die they can't get you a pony, where could they get one? Don't fall for that one, and know that they have no permission to allow you to stay up past your bedtime, only Mom and maybe Dad have that ability. Do not listen to them it will not be really, really, really fun, no matter what they tell you. A promise to come back in just a few minutes is not an enforceable contract! Neither is a promise to pick up the dog poo on your day. Danger always lurks behind a double dog dare. Anything involving shovels, BB guns or jumping off anything with a parachute made of a sheet should raise a red flag in your mind. Remember these rules because if you forget them later on they'll be saying "I'll hold your beer, go for it." Watch out for girls, too. The girl that came by later and made the boobs in the sand in front of you did not have your best interest in mind. I will try to have more advice for you as I see that you may need it. Love Grandpa
[caption id="attachment_1287" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Matthew in the sand"]Matthew in the sand[/caption] (Click for full sized)

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