May 5, 2009

Sophia: My great big wonder woman in a teeny tiny body


Sophie had a well baby appointment today, I had asked at a ped appointment a few weeks back at my concern over her slow growth. She told me to make a well baby visit ASAP and we would discuss it.

So today she saw her ped who said she was 24 1/2 inches long, and 12 pounds, 9.5 ounces. She is 3% under the growth chart in all areas, and taking her last few measurements into consideration is right on track for that of a 4 month old... at 11 months. My ped said she is not too worried yet, but wanted to run some blood tests and see her back in 2 months after I make some minor dietary changes (more fatty foods, more yogurt, etc). She is not behind on any of her milestones, and actually was ahead on some (crawling, 2 word sentences), she also nurses well and sleeps well.

We arrive at the lab and they are pretty empty, but still fairly slow. The phlebotomist suggested I nurse her in a private room to calm her down as she was already fussing, and to make sure she was well hydrated. Two of the four lab tests required a lot of blood (thyroid & celiac disease test) and the CBC & lead test required very little, so they were glad she had easy to find, thick, veins. They wrapped her up in a thick blanket and had me hold her super tight while one woman held her arm, and another woman drew blood. They used a syringe, a tube and a butterfly needle and almost immediately her vein burst. So they wrapped her again and tried the other arm and again her vein broke.

SuniThey barely had enough for the first two tests, so they recommended I wait two days and then take her to the hospital to have her blood drawn from her head by a pediatric nurse. My poor baby!

She was so brave. She eventually just turned red, while tears ran down her face, without crying. My heart just broke for her. After the ordeal she held me so tight and just laid in my arms.


Tracie said...

Aww little Sophie, we will be thinking about you!!

Amy said...

Poor baby. I hope there's nothing to worry about.