May 17, 2009

Battle of the sexes

I was talking with a friend who was telling me a cute story about how her son identifies adult and children males and females and it got me wondering what Matthew calls them as I have only noticed him say "boy & girl".

So I picked up a magazine and I asked him "What is that?" and he says "girl" and I said "but she is a grownup, so what is she" and he says "she is a woman!" so then I found a picture of an adult male and asked him what that was and he thought a moment and said "he's a dude!!"

What is even funnier about the answer is that from the time he could talk, Matthew has been calling our friend across the street "The Man", no matter how many times we corrected him or told him his name, he was always still just "The Man".


Austin found a pit bull puppy today and put it in our back yard with a bowl of water. It was salivating so much from being thirsty that Christopher said "Oh no! It has rabies! It is foaming at the mouth!" The pup was nice enough, but I sure was glad that the humane society was quick in picking it up.


Sophie has been a pill for the last two days. Nothing seems to make her happy and she is not wanting to eat or nap. I think we may be seeing some new teeth soon. On a positive note, I was able to get all her 6-9 month clothing washed and sorted and put away with any of her 3-6 month summer clothes that still fit. She was screaming at my feet almost the entire time, but at least I managed to get it done. Thankfully it looks like she should have enough clothes to make it through the summer, especially if the ones I have soaking in oxyclean come clean. I may take a trip to the new Goodwill soon, because I am sure everyone could use some new summer clothes.

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