Apr 11, 2009

Taking a step back

When Bobby went to Iraq, he had to put his degree on hold. That also means student loans that were on deferral until graduation, will soon be activated and moved into our debt snowball. I was so excited to be at 15% repaid, and now that I have added in this other debt, we are not only 10% repaid. This is very sad news to me. I was really hoping to pay off everything but the van before he returned from Iraq, but now it looks like we will still have the van and student loan debt.

Oh well, this only strengthens my resolve. What is another couple years of working hard to get debt free when the end result is the same. I am really hoping that when we sell the house we are able to make enough of a profit on it to pay down more debt, or at the very least not need to use the money we are saving for any shortcomings we will have at the time of sale.

We can do this. We will do this. We ARE doing this!!

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Kate said...

Yeah! You ARE doing this! When we were living in Colorado & paying down all our debt, one of the things that helped was keeping pictures of things that reperesented our long term goals at the desk where we did all our financial stuff (you could really have fun with it & make a collage/vision board...I usually do that at least once a year). It was a big help when we felt discouraged or felt like we were missing out by living frugally to get out of debt, but having pictures RIGHT THERE of what we really wanted was a big motivator. And now we have been completely debt free for over 3 years!