Apr 20, 2009

Oops, going to hell!

I flipped off some little old blue haired lady when her husband almost side swiped me on the way to the ped's office. I don't even think he heard me leaning on my horn, he did not even seem to notice that he almost hit me. If I had not slammed on my breaks he would have hit me and Matthew's side of the van.

I hope god forgives those who flip others the bird when they deserve it.

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NFH: Stupidity, the one thing you can depend on | Mistakes in Motherhood said...

[...] What gives? I *finally* have all four kids healthy, no coughing child across the hall, no parties or 7-11 type traffic next door, and someone leaves their dog outside all night? Is this karma for flipping off that little old blue haired lady?? [...]