Apr 25, 2009

NFH: Where do I even start?!?

I am SO insanely pissed I don't even know where to begin.

Ok, Wednesday at 10pm I am in bed trying to sleep and the music next door is pounding so loud I am getting a major headache. I call the non-emergent police number and report it. The music stops so I call back and cancel my report. I guess they were changing a CD because 2 minutes later it is back on and I give up and stick a pillow over my head. At midnight I guess the CD was skipping or something because I wake up to BOOM-BOOM-BOOOM-BOOM-BOOM. It sounds like rockets going off next door. They finally turn it down and I get what little sleep I have left until kids are needing to go to school in the morning.

Thursday I pull up into my driveway with my kids to unload them out of the car to be greeted by a cloud of cigar smoke. Austin is gagging and hacking while at least 7 or 8 guys stand about 10 feet away all puffing on cigars. I get the kids in the house as quick as I can. I forgot to mention I had to pull in at an angle to make sure I did not hit either of the cars that are literally right at the edge of my driveway.

Last night the music starts up again. It is SO freaking loud I literally CANNOT hear my TV or a word my children were saying in the same room. I have two glass cups on a shelf on the wall that I had to pull down because they were vibrating so loud I was afraid they were going to break. I could see the pictures on my wall moving and I was just waiting for them to fall down. Two hours into it I call the non-emergent number. They tell me someone else has already called and that they will be there as soon as they can. It takes me forever to get the two little ones to sleep. My four year old tells me "Mommy, my room is so loud I cannot even hear my dreams!" I had to shut off Sophie's jumparoo because it kept going off on its own thinking there was a baby jumping in it.

At 11:30 I decide I will just put a pillow over my head, I am so exhausted I feel like I am going to pass out. I hear a ton of commotion even louder than the music outside. There are two people revving their cars up outside and a group of about 11 children and adults talking super loud at each other. Someone else in a car is honking their horn. I call back and update that they have now become even MORE obnoxious.

At 11:57 the music finally stops and I take the pillow off my head. Ten minutes later my room fills with light as the police pull up in response to my complains and the other neighbor's call.

So today at noon my doorbell rings and someone I don't know is outside. I step out and she explains to me that she is either a friend or a relative of the woman next door. She explained that her 18 yr old son died of a heart attack and that is why there were so many cars. She stated the police had told her that "the lady next door called to complain of the noise and traffic". I told her to let the neighbor know I am sorry for her loss and that I have kids that cannot afford to lose a night's sleep because the bass is louder than their own thoughts. She tells me she cannot attest to the noise because she was not even THERE!!! I explain again that this is an ongoing thing and most of the neighbors either have small babies or are retired and we are all tired of 2-3 parties a week since OCTOBER.

Here is where I am pissed. When I called I stated I would like to remain anonymous. *IF* the officers really did say "the lady next door" that is hardly anonymous. It is quite possible that the person at my door this morning made up that the police identified who I was. I was not going to lie and say it was me, but I was not the only call last night either.

This is getting so old. I HATE living next door to party central.


jennifer said...

I think I would have let my mouth run and said " well have you had a family member die every night since October. I would file a complaint with the city.

Allison said...

I smell a stinky, stinky lie. Seriously, the lady is most likely full of it. Keep calling the police. I don't care how many people die (if anyone even did); that is not an excuse for ruining the neighborhood.

Heather said...

I don't doubt he died. I am guessing his heart gave out with drug use. But when I called again on Saturday, I told the dispatcher that the lady came by to "let me know what was going on" and she said she would add harassment to the report.

The dispatched told me the police never even hint at who called (gender, neighbor, etc) so I am sure that was all a ruse, but with more than one person calling that night I had no problem admitting I called.

The sucky thing is when I called the next night, I found out that they had been given a warning TWO HOURS after the officers came by. Had I known that, I would have called right back to say they did not turn it down.

Lovely, I made 6 calls that week. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thankfully it has been quiet the last few days and they were polite enough when I told them the fence was going down this weekend and to keep the dog in the house or on a leash.

Heather said...

Uhhh, let me clarify, I misspoke. I called Saturday around 9. I called around midnight to tell them to cancel dispatch, the noise was finally down. She told me the officers had already been out and gave them a warning at 10:20. IF I had known that, I would have called at 10:25 to say the noise was back up.