Apr 2, 2009

How long does it take to warm up a car?

Well apparently, according to my observations this morning, it takes ONE HOUR. NFH (neighbor(s) from hell) started the car around 6:50am this morning, and when I got home from taking kids to school at 7:30am it was still running, no one was around, and I could not imagine it needed *that* much time to warn up.

So at 7:40 I decided to call our cities finest and they immediately dispatched a patrol car. As luck has it though, the NFH must have heard his ears burning because he decided to stroll out, scrape the snow from every surface of his car (why the roof needs de-iced is beyond me) and finally left.

The dispatcher I spoke with when I called back to cancel the patrol was super nice. She told me to call *more*, and that things I considered nothing more than a nuisance, could be more serious (heavy traffic all hours of the night, loud parties, unattended vehicles, etc).

My other neighbor has cameras on the front of his house, he states he has seen enough stuff going on next door to conclude our neighbors are more than just inconsiderate. Next time I won't be waiting an hour.

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Lizzie said...

that's a long time. I agree, wait about 20mins and then call.