Mar 15, 2009

New Design

Just playing around with the header to my blog to reflect my life a little more. I have wanted to change it for a few weeks now, but I am now the happy new owner of a Mac!! I know, I know... I used to me a die hard PC lover, but I guess Once you go Mac, you never go back, because I LOVE this computer!!!

Well I never did find a program I liked as much as I did Paint Shop Pro X, until I downloaded a trial of PhotoShop Elements. Looks like I will be buying it in a few weeks, it works for exactly what I need it to do.

Anyways, I hope you like the new header as much as I do!

1 comment:

Bobby said...

HAHAHA you got their good side! Your missing one them though. You just run up to him and give him a good "THAWK" and take a picture of it. I am sure he will understand in the long run, but you have to suprize him because he might just laugh at when you do it. Wel good luck.