Mar 27, 2009

I don't want her, you can have her, she's too crab for me!

Matthew says to me today "We don't want Sophie anymore, she's TOO crabby!!" He's smiling the entire time, it's a joke of course, but man oh man is it true. Lately she has been a great big ball-o-fuss.

I blame the two teeth that have just poked through, but another theory is that they have awards similar to the Academy Awards, and Sophia was trying her darnedest to get a nomination.

The way I figure it, the perfect fit has several key elements. Let me break it down:

  • The Face: Must be red, crimson, or maroon.

  • The Eyes: Tears or no tears... eyes must either be closed tight, or have a distant, far off crazy look.

  • The Arms: The best fits include dramatic arm action, flailing, pounding, or waving will suffice.

  • The Hands: Must be balled into fists.

  • Vocalization: This element is most important, the best fits include many different vocalizations, from yelling, screaming, growling, crying, howling, gasping, and breath holding...aka the buildup.

  • Other Dramatic Effects: These vary greatly and can include throwing the body backwards, rolling, kicking, stomping, running, climbing, writhing, etc and all are dependent on the age and maturity of the child and severity of the tantrum.

On the fit throwing table, the fit Sophie just threw wold have been an 8/10 (for an infant of course). She had crying, wailing, breath holding, arm flailing, crawling up all over me, etc. I hated to break the news to her that she was about 3 kids too late for much sympathy. By the 4th child, their little tantrums are almost comical. Of course they still get the same amount of comfort and love as the earlier children, but inside you are thinking "Aww, she is trying so hard, and I am trying even harder not to burst out into fits of giggles".

I found that when I first was a parent, fits were sad, scary, and frustrating because I felt so helpless. As I got more hours of experience under my belt, I removed the blame and guilt and they become a part of parenthood; at one point you start to admire their effort, tuning it out.

Thankfully after some Orajel and infant Tylenol, Sophie decided she was more tired that she thought and is now laying down for a nap. Matthew also fell asleep... he's laying next to me on the couch snoring away. The older two kids are at friends' houses. The silence is both deafening and exhilarating. I think I will grab myself a fresh made-from-scratch brownie, another cup of coffee, and watch my Netflix movie. Could it be a more perfect afternoon??

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Lizzie said...

awww :( Katie does the same thing although her hands aren't usually fists, she likes to slap (usually me) (((hugs))) teeth are so hard.

and it takes so much energy holding in the laughter, they look so funny though :)