Mar 5, 2009

I am broken

So I wrote a little over a week ago that I had a double ear infection and they had me on 60 pills to clear it up. I guess what I failed to mention is that they were 60 amoxicillin pills. The significance of that is that I have a nasty little penicillin allergy that I told both the nurse and the pharmacist that did not seem to phase them. I figured they must know better than I do and wanted relief from ear pain so I happily started popping the evil little pills. Forty-six pills into my 10 day regimen I got out of the shower and noticed red bumps all over my abdomen. I called the doctor and spoke with an MA and explained I was having an allergic reaction and needed to be seen, so told me to come in to see the doctor in the morning, but whatever I do, DO NOT quit taking my antibiotic.

Eight AM the next morning I am sitting in the doctor's office filling out my new insurance information itching from head to toe... literally. I look like I had a fight with a swarm of bees and lost. Every part of my body is spotty, even my palms. Now I am not sure if I accidentally misspoke and said it was "erethromycin" but I am pretty sure my doctor was incorrect when she said that the penicillin and amoxicillin are in different drug classes. Needless to say I am now on a low dose of prednisone which is making my life a living hell. I am constantly starving, exhausted, and just feeling run down. If that is not bad enough, the fluid behind my ears was not even gone yet so I get to take Zyrtec to help clear that up and those pills knock me on my hind end, even if I take them before bedtime.... and I *still* itch, though the spots are slowly fading.

I also saw my rheumatologist this week, she was not quite as positive as last time. My repeat blood work came back abnormal, my ANA was 1:320, with my RNP being 1:128. What does this mean?? Well for now it means nothing. It means we wait, and watch for any signs of persistent joint pain or swelling. It means I *could* later develop Lupus, or a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, or it could just mean I have odd blood results that mean absolutely nothing.

In the meantime I will get to visit my Rheummy every 4 months and get lots and lots of repeat blood work. I also am going to be taking some steps to start getting healthier now, just in case I do have problems in the future when it will be harder to go to the gym. I. Am. Tired.

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