Feb 11, 2009


Today was payday, so it was a busy day. I had to go to the bank to get my two weeks worth of cash for groceries, pet food, & a little spending money and to pay my car payment. I also needed to notarize a contest waiver for a Denver Bronco's football I won back in December... oops!

After the bank I met my friends & their babies for lunch, Sophie, as usual pigged out. She also blew out of her diaper, right after my friend's baby spilled soup on herself, and both of us forgot to bring a change of clothes. Thankfully, one of our friends had two changes of clothes for her son, and so Sophie and winter had clean clothes. What a mess! I am so glad she's in cloth, as I remember this happening all. the. time. in paper diapers.

In her stylish new duds (the shirt read "Dude, your girlfriend keeps checking me out" LOL), we then split up and I headed to the Mac store to get an estimate on my Mac once I get my tax refund and pay bills, and then on to Best Buy. My GPS I got last week went on sale and the price dropped by $40 PLUS came with a free $25 leather case, so I got the case and stood in line with customer service for around 30 minutes, it was crazy!

While we were waiting I got to watch a mom royally screw up her children. I try not to be judgmental, but seriously, supervision and structure (and a 2 second trip to the bathroom to wash faces) go far! The thing that struck me is this woman appeared to be well educated, was well into her 30's and well groomed herself. The children, who were under 4, had speech delays (the younger one, who was 2-3) still had a pacifier. They were out of her sight for about 10-15 minutes while she talked on the phone, and were encouraged to play with the queue stands and got hurt as a result. I was never so happy to take my own child, who up until then, I thought was majorly acting out.

I was so impressed with my own little guy, I took him to get a fruit & yogurt parfait at McDonald's as a treat for waiting so patiently at customer service.

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Kate said...

Ugh - when I see parents act like that in stores I just want to shake them! Besides the fact that it is obnoxious to everyone around them -- what about their children's safety? How would they live with themselves if one of their children was abducted while they are busy gabbing away on their cell phones?

Glad you had a good day anyway:)