Feb 15, 2009

Neighbors From Hell: Part 2, 3, & 4

2:00 AM Monday night- the music is so loud I put a pillow over my head and cannot drown out the bass, I am so tired I don't feel like getting up to find the non-emergent police number. I finally find ear plugs in my night stand, and I can still heat it, but it is quieter.

10:00 PM Wednesday- I try to go to bed early because I am exhausted from lack of sleep. The music has been on for an hour and Sophie is awake because she cannot fall back asleep after being woken up several times by noise. I find the non-emergent number and call the police if it is late enough in the evening to make a noise complaint... they say we do not have a specific time, any time it is loud I can call. I try to sleep but Sophie is so tired and fussy, she normally goes to bed around 7:00 PM. About 45 minutes later I call the police back to tell them that the music has stopped and they can cancel the complaint, the dispatched relays the music has stopped because an officer has already been out and told them to shut the music off.

I got a video today of the dog, just in case it tries to hurt my dogs or anything.
It barks at the littlest provocation, lunges at the fence, etc. I don't feel comfortable letting my children play in their own back yard when the dog is out. They don't seem to be bothered by all the barking. The bag of garbage out on the back porch is a nice touch.

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