Feb 3, 2009

Mr. Funny

I just have a moment to enjoy my last sips of coffee & write this down before I forget before the little miss is tired of eating Kix in the kitchen.

This morning I was making my rounds, emptying the dirty clothes hampers in the bedrooms into a basket to take them to the basement to sort and wash, when I smelled pee in Matthew's bedroom. He was hot on my heels, curious about what I was doing so I asked him if he had an accident in his bed. He told me he did have a "water dream" as he calls it and did pee in his bed. I told him that it was okay and all that jazz while I stripped his sheets. I finished getting the rest of his bedding and dirty clothes and moved onto my room where I started stripping my own bed.

Matthew lit up and got a huge smile on his face and asked me "Mommy? Did you have a water dream too??" I told him that no, I just needed to wash my sheets because it had been a while since I washed them and he puts his hand on my cheek and said "It's all right if you had a water dream, no one will be mad if you went potty in your bed, accidents happen"; then he leaned forward and hugged me and patted my back. I was laughing too hard to convince him that I did NOT pee in my bed, but what does it really matter if he believes me anyways?


Kate said...

That is hilarious!

JJ said...

Oh-how precious! That just made my day. :)