Jan 9, 2009

What a headache!

Bobby and I did our legal paperwork today. We each did our wills, living wills and power of attorneys to prepare for this big trip. I feel so sorry for our notary, it was not pretty and we ended up messing up on two of the documents which we will have to reprint and take in tomorrow. Next time we are getting a lawyer, this was really a HUGE pain in the butt.

We have also been dealing with a mess with HR, they want too many things done with not enough time to get them done. I am hoping that the new change in location and divisions of his company do not interfere with our current health insurance, or more importantly my appointment with the rheumatologist on the 28th, it could be 6 months to get another appointment if I have to miss this.

I have been having mini-panic-attacks all day with the realization that it is only 3 more days before he leaves. He will have a few days to come home after his trip to Virgina, Massachusetts, and Georgia for training, but then he will be gone for a year, with only one trip home in that time. The guys over in Iraq that he will be working with have been amazingly helpful. They have told us he will have his own room, cable TV, a personal cell phone that he can use to call home for around 9 cents a minute, SLOW wireless in his room. He is also going to be in a well established area, with 2 gyms, a Subway, a Burger King, a Pizza Hut and a CINNABON! WAHHHH, I told him it sounds like he is going on a long vacation, not a hardship tour. I know better. I know this will be much harder on him than it will the kids and I. We have each other, we are in the comfort of our own home. He is a very special man to be able to make such a selfless sacrifice to ensure his family is taken care of, and to keep moving up through the company ladder.

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