Jan 16, 2009

We are doing good!

I want to thank everyone who has been emailing, or calling, asking how the kids and I are holding up with the hubby away. We are on day 4 and things are finally starting to settle into a routine. I have been worried about Matthew; who, as we predicted, has been taking his daddy's absence the hardest. We are trying to settle into a routine with a set bedtime and lots of cuddle time, but he's been pretty lonesome for his daddy.

Sophie is sleeping in her own room (the office) full time now and that is going well, she will get up either once, or none at all at night and seems to be soothing herself to sleep much easier. She will cry for less than a minute and then either play with her toys until she falls asleep, or fall right to sleep. Last night she woke up twice, cried out a couple times, and then went right back to sleep before I had a chance to get her. I got her up at 7am to feed her before I took Austin to school and she was up for 90 minutes playing and cuddling before she decided she was ready for a morning nap.

Christopher has been a little more focused on security than usual. I reiterated that they do not open the door for anyone, including someone with flowers, a package, or claiming to be a repair person. We have had a number of break-in's lately with the perpetrator claiming to work for the utility company. This morning, Christopher said he wanted to warn his classmates of the "scam". On the plus side, I have spent less time reminding him to lock the door.

Austin has been very helpful, I think he's taken to wanting to be the "man of the house". He's also really taken an interest in motors lately and asked if when we replace the broken motor to the garage door, if he can have it to take it apart. He's also been helping a ton in the bedtime routine, making sure his brothers brush their teeth and helping Matthew pick out his pajamas. He's also been great about reminding Christopher to hurry and get ready for school and to get his chores done.

I have been keeping busy with friends and normal household stuff. I have been going to be early, eating healthier, drinking less Coke, being more active. I told Bobby that we are bad influences on each other, because he too is drinking less Coke, cleaning more, and going to bed early.

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Lynne said...

Yep, deployment all over again! You know where to find me when you need to vent, hon.....