Jan 14, 2009


Matthew has suddenly become extremely picky. Monday night he would not touch the manacotti I made for dinner. Tuesday he would not touch the chili I made. Today I made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and he turned his nose up at them, claiming he did not like tuna. He wanted a peanut butter sandwich, but I am not a short order cook so I told him he could eat the tuna fish or he could go without. He kept insisting it was peanut butter day, not tuna day. During the peak of his fit, he suddenly start paying attention to the news which is on in the background in the other room and they are doing a story about the salmonella outbreak in Nut King peanut butter and then exclaims "SEE! The TV said today is peanut butter day, not tuna day!!"

Rolling my eyes I explained that the news story was about peanut butter containing salmonella making people sick. With much disdain he starts moaning "my tuna fish..... it's making me sick.... it has SALMONELLA in it!!", it took every fiber of my being to keep from busting a gut right then and there.

Tonight was leftover night for dinner, Matthew decided he wanted the rest of the tuna fish for dinner and was ready to fight his brothers for it. Austin decided that chili without listening to his brother throw a fit sounded tastier than the tuna sandwich he had just finished making for himself and gingerly handed it over when Matthew asked.

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