Jan 4, 2009

"The butterfly will bite me!"

Tomorrow we are going to the Aquarium up in Denver as a Christmas gift from my mom (she sent us cash to spend, we decided a mini-vacation would be how to spend it). But because of the weather we decided to ditch our plans of hitting the zoo in addition to the aquarium and were looking for a secondary place to visit.

We have already gone to the museum of science & nature, a cool robot zoo was closed on Mondays, the children's museum is too juvenile for the pre-teens, and about the only thing left was a theme restaurant with cliff diving & shootouts, or a bug museum. Matthew was still up so we were bouncing ideas off of him to see what HE wanted to do, this is how the conversation went down.

Me: "Hey Matthew, tomorrow we are going to see the fish at that aquarium!"
Matthew: "Oh no, the fish will BITE me!!"
Me (laughing): "No they won't... how about we go to the zoo??"
Matthew: "Nooo mommy, the birds will bite me!"
Me: "Ok Matthew, how about the butterfly house?"
Matthew (wide eyed): "MOMMY! The butterfly will bite me!!"
Me (laughing harder): "Ok then son, where do you want to go. What do you want to do that's fun??"
Matthew: "I know! We can go to the dentist!!"

It took Bobby and I a moment to compose ourselves.. he is such a goofball.

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