Jan 15, 2009

Aww, it's my anniversary!

Not my wedding anniversary, that is in July, but I got a phone call today from the Honda dealership to check on me and my Odyssey and see how we were handling our honeymoon period. I have to say, I love Ozzy just as much today as I did the day I got her, maybe even more because we have been through so much together. From cross country road trips, to camping with the kids & dogs. This weekend we are going to load her up to full capacity, adding the 6th rear seat to see how she handles that.

Most of all though, I love that I can trust and rely on her to get me places safely and comfortably. The Windstar was unreliable from the start, and it was not bittersweet at all when we broke up and said our goodbye's, it was all "good riddance" and "take care of yourself now".

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Allison said...

Ha! And here I thought my dealership and I were special! We got a similar call from our Toyota dealership just last week. Still love the van. And yes, I still have leather-envy and DVD-player envy...but we love our van.