Dec 2, 2008

The Interview, Travel, and other stuff.

Bobby interviewed this morning at 9am est, I did not get a call three hours later until he was at the airport. He felt it went well and it sounds like what we are looking for so we are happy. We will know hopefully in a week if he got it or not. If he gets the job, he will likely be deploying to Iraq in Jan '09-Jan '10, we are ok with this and it will give us all time to get out of debt and get the house ready for sale without us having to pay for rent in DC and a mortgage in CO until we could join him 6 months later. We knew the job would require deployments every few years and honestly we hoped it would be sooner than later so we did not have to be apart longer than a year and have to worry about short term leasing and such.

He is so sick of traveling though, by the time he gets home it will be 12 hours since he first got to the airport. His long layover was extended when he did not hear that his departure gate was changed, and when he heard his name over the intercom, the woman at the old gate said "I did not page you" and brushed him off and he missed his flight and had to wait another two hours for the next one. I was really hoping to get him at 8, because the kids go to bed at 8, now they have to be up until 11 and they are going to be exhausted in the morning.

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Amy said...

Good luck. :) I hate travel days. DH takes himself to the airport about half the time, because he has a crappy departure and/or return time.