Dec 6, 2008

Netflix & Xbox 360, my new loves

My husband and I signed up for Netflix back in July 2006 when I was out of town for a few weeks and he was stuck home alone without anything to do. It was a way for us to break our movie buying habit and save a ton in late fees since we seem to hold onto movies for a few days and then watch them.

Lately I have noticed a HUGE increase in they movies you can watch instantly, but watching it on our laptops was sucky because it was tiny and the sound quality was not the greatest. Xbox 360 came to the rescue and integrated Netflix into its online feature making it possible to instantly watch streaming DVD quality video right on your TV!! YAY! Last weekend I think we watched half a dozen movies, from Underdog to some National Lampoon movies and even a very funny interview with Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, writer of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, etc). My favorite part of the Instant movie feature, is that it is unlimited and free with a Netflix membership.

So if you have Netflix membership and an Xbox 360, check into it!

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