Dec 24, 2008

"Your kids will be just like you"

Holy cow, my sisters and I cannot count how many times we heard that growing up... and tonight I thought I was getting someone just. like. me.

See, when I was a child I LOVED the bath, I could not get enough. My parents could not bathe without me, they would send me to a neighbor's house or outside with my sisters just to get a bath alone. Until I was 5, we had a one bathroom home with a claw-footed bathtub, no shower, just a tub... so baths were a necessity.

Tonight I was trying to take a bath and Matthew insisted on joining me. I lamented that maybe my mother was right when he squirted my back with cold water with his toy that nearly made me jump out of my skin.... but then he started singing to me and I had an epiphany... It's ME that makes a difference. He may be just like me, but I don't have to let it bother me. It was probably my most enjoyable and relaxing bath to date, because I really got to talk with my little guy and he was super entertaining. So I may not have had bubbles, and candles, and a good book, but I sure was happy my child turned out just. like. me. I just wish my parent's had seen it more like I do.


Amy said...

Good for you. :) I often have to remind myself of that. Maddie's SO much like me, and DH sometimes asks me how it is to argue with myself, lol.

Lizzie said...

I had that same epiphany about 3 months ago in regards to Caleb. and Jacob. the older they get the more they seem like me rather than R