Dec 1, 2008

Daddy's Marbles

Today, before I took Bobby to the airport for his interview tomorrow, we had to stop by his work to get his phone chargers and print out some driving maps from the airport to the hotel, etc. We had finished at his office and were getting ready to go to the car, when Bobby had to run back in to get his maps that he forgot. Three year old Matthew looks up at me and says "what did daddy lose mommy??" and I told him "he lost his marbles". Matthew thinks a second and says "where are his marbles mommy?" and I said "they are in my purse, Matthew said "oh, ok" and that was the end of that.

So we are walking towards the van when Bobby spots a co-worker he wants to show off Sophie to, and she is talking to Matthew and admiring his boots and Matthew says to her "you know what?? My mommy keeps my daddy's marbles in her purse!" All three of us were laughing so hard and Matthew totally did not get what he had said, but none the less was super proud of making us laugh. She also agreed that her husband's marbles were also in her purse.

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Amy said...

My husband's marbles are in my purse, too, lol.